Download Application Form DOCOMO Scholarship

Download application form DOCOMO scholarship to receive an annual payment. As a student studying under defined Japanese scholarship organizers. It is for international students that have passions for Communication Technology and Information Processing Technology.

DOCOMO Scholarship makes every student’s dream come true. DOCOMO scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for all available International Students. We mentioned “available” because not all the students are qualified. And not all the students will prefer to take this risk of attempting the application process.

So, it’s a fact that this Japanese scholarship is limited to only Communication Technology and IPT (Information Processing Technology) Faculties. However, you must be a student with an undergraduate degree. The certificate must be observed, checked, and proven. Having a strong English proficiency score is also a prioritized factor of being enlisted to the winning list.

So, you must be an International student to claim this offer. When you have finally gained the scholarship opportunity. it’s a top responsibility for you to maintain high aggregates. but in as much as you have grown the interest in starting up a Masters’s program in a profound and recognized university.

DOCOMO will have no other choice than to admit you into any of the participating universities. which are also first-class when it comes to teaching and sharing knowledge. So, as you have focused on getting Masters in Communication Technology and Information Processing Technology, let’s lead the path on how you can download applications from DOCOMO scholarship 2021.

What you Need to Know

DOCOMO Scholarship doesn’t function with a single University. There are over 10 Universities that undertake students introduced by DOCOMO Scholarship. So, your place of study, accommodation, and research is never part of the problem. Being able to apply and receive approval is our target. First of all, you will start by knowing the exact portal for applying for the scholarship.

Besides, the portal will be exposed here for interested applicants. Hence, download the application from the DOCOMO Scholarship to fulfill the application this 2020. Note that a copy of your ID as a student will be highly needed. At this juncture, take a look at our supportive documents.

Qualified Countries

Without much ado, we will illustrate the pathway into the application form. But it will be of great value for us to have a piece of clear information on eligible countries before an application will proceed. If your country is eventually mentioned here, then you are fit and capable of filling an application. Therefore, check the list of qualified countries

  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • Mongolia
  • Indonesia
  • Bhuten
  • Timor-Leste
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • Maldives
  • Laos

These are the 22 eligible countries of DOCOMO Scholarship for International Students. Meanwhile, students from any of these countries are instructed to apply and submit their scholarships online no later than the due date. The due date remains May. Students should ensure that all the eligibility requirements are met, when such is affirmed, application strikes afterward.

Requirements from Students

  1. It’s mandatory for you to be an International student from any of the aforementioned countries before you are qualified for an application
  2. On the other hand, applicants must agree to stay in Japan during their Master’s training in any of the chosen Universities
  3. All programs are handled full time
  4. Only the outlined eligible subjects will be taught with DOCOMO Scholarship
  5. Any approaching Master’s applicant must have completed an undergraduate program with a Bachelor’s certification but if it seems otherwise, you are not qualified.
  6. English Proficiency Test is also needed to birth considerations for your application
  7. Other supportive documents include a Transcript of the previous academic cycle covered and Student ID from previous Institution attended

When all of these are finally considered by applicants and hence, covered with no pressure, below is the application form pdf for DOCOMO Scholarship.

Download Application Form DOCOMO Scholarship

Have you made the final decision? If you have decided to further your Higher Institution and obtain a Master’s certificate in the specified computational fields, here is the application form for prospective qualified Master’s students.

Switch on your data connection or WiFi and browse – This private foundation assists applicants. Go there and grab your seat. That’s all.

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